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[English] One True Lyrics

First things first. Let me tell you who is Allah
An Arabic word. Means the One God.
Christians in Arab lands, they you say Allah
When they open up their Bible, they read Allah
Muhammad is the Messenger Allah reign supreme
All hail The King
cash don’t rule everything around me
…Allah rules all that you see
Allah made fire cool for Abraham
Allah raised Joseph to running Egyptian lands
Allah took Jesus to himself when they planned his murder
Allah taught Adam names you never heard’a
Allah told Moses to split the sea
Allah say, and I quote, “Worship Me.”
As my Lord decrees what you gone do
microphone check – one two 1 True

ONE TRUE (One True)
ONE TRUE (The One True God).
ONE TRUE (There can only be One. Tauheed)
ONE TRUE (The One true God)

All my Sistas – All my brothas
Open up your mind. You will discover
We are all one, different degrees of learning
None inferior to the other concerning
The creator, cause its only One True
When I look at nature, all I see is one true
Before we meet our Lord, we got work to do
When I meet my Lord, like a dream come true
When we work together. Shaitan, he hate it
Paradise! I want all of us to make it
Even though its only if Allah say so
Muhammad you know – Jesus you know
Moses you know – Buddha you know
Blessings on yall truth unstoppable
Now ya know that the time has come
To submit our will to the Truest One

ONE TRUE (One True) ONE TRUE (The One True God). ONE TRUE (There can only be One – Tauheed) ONE TRUE (The One true God)

How many muslims do it fissa bi Allah
put up ya one Alhumdullilah
No 2 masters Astafirallah
No god before Him that is the law
beware of Shaiton cause he’s a liar
If you no say thank you, you’ll see the fire
So I say thank you to Allah
God is the one that I admire
Giving thanks before I expire
All want in my heart is a bit of Taqwa!
Praise to Allah from sea to sea
Faith in Him greater than captivity
Praise to Allah no end there will be
No matter how many marks on the body
Regardless of what you say or what you do
Believers stand strong and bow to One True


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