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  • Ramadan Nasheeds Collection
    Amazing Ramadan Nasheed songs for you! They’re all about Ramadan, a very special time for Muslims. These songs are like sweet melodies that make you feel happy and calm. They help us feel close to Allah and remind us to be thankful for everything. If you’re feeling sad, need some inspiration, or just want to listen to beautiful music, Ramadan nasheeds are perfect for you!
  • Songs for Gaza & Palestine
    Palestine Nasheeds, we share these wonderful songs that pay tribute to Palestine, a place cherished by many Muslims. These songs are like heartfelt messages that share stories of hope, bravery, and strength. They inspire us to stand up for justice and stand by those who need our support.
  • Islamic Songs for Children
    Islamic Nasheeds for Children, we invite young hearts to explore the wonders of Islam through delightful and interactive songs. Each nasheed is crafted to spark the imagination of children while imparting important Islamic principles and teachings.
  • Ya Nabi Salam Alayka Lyrics – Danish F Dar, Dawar Farooq
    anta nooor ullǎǎ hi fajjřan, jitta ba\adal ǔsriyusřan, řabbunaa ǎǎla ka ķadařan, ya imaamal ambiya hi, anta fil wujdaani ħayyiun, anta lil ǎǎi-naiyni ďaiyun, anta îndal ħowďi řeeyunn, anta haadal wa šafaiyun, ya habibi ya muhammad
  • Al Huda Lyrics – Muhammad Issa ft. Feroze Khan
    Allah Humma Inni Asalukal Huda, Asalukal Huda, Dil Ka Rukh Murr Gaya kyun, Raasta gumm gaya kyun, Khud se hoon laa pata main, Raah se bhatka hua hoon, Allah, Phir se main kyun girr gaya, Phir se main phisal gaya, Ya Khudaa mujhko bacha le, Seedhi raah mujhko dikha de, Ya Khudaa mujhko bacha le, Seedhi raah mujhko dikha de
  • Ho Lyrics (Zikr) – Mohammad Yaseen Al Marashli
    The lyrics are a collection of various Islamic chants and supplications (nasheeds) expressing devotion, praise, and longing for Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, and other revered figures in Islam. The themes include seeking guidance, expressing love and admiration for the Prophet Muhammad, asking for forgiveness, and seeking help and protection from Allah
  • Ey Ghafuru Rahim Lyrics – Maher Zain
    O Allah I am in need of You, As long as I am healthy, as long as I’m alive, Guide me to the path of guidance, I’m in love with Your religion, O Allah I am in need of You, As long as I am healthy, as long as I’m alive, Guide me to the path of guidance, I’m in love with Your religion, O Allah I am in need of You, As long as I am healthy, as long as I’m alive, Guide me to the path of guidance, I’m in love with Your religion, My tongue utters “Astaghfirullah” (I seek Allah’s forgiveness), Along with the Most Beautiful 99 Names, Alhamdu lillah (Praise be to Allah), my Lord
  • Ahlan Ramadan Lyrics – Ali Magrebi
    With longing we opened the doors, O Ramadan, O Ramadan, You came and all goodness arrived and increased, O Ramadan, O Ramadan, With your arrival mercy descends, You shower us with blessings, Such beautiful moments, Welcome, welcome Ramadan, Remembrance and praise, Fasting and Tarawih prayers, For Paradise they are the keys, Welcome, welcome Ramadan
  • Zid Ennabi Salat Lyrics – Ali Magrebi
    Send more prayers upon the Prophet, Reach with his remembrence the greatest heights, Your hardship will become ease, And your grief will disappear, Problems are solved by the blessing of his remembrance, Divine help descends with his remembrance, Serenity fills the body, And the soul also finds comfort, Send more prayers upon the Prophet, Reach with his remembrence the greatest heights
  • Muhammad Lyrics – Ali Magrebi, Murat Belet
    Oh how happy my eyes are when I see him, Oh how long have I been waiting to meet him, The world’s light is a beam from his light, And the breeze of Paradise is from his beautiful scent, You are the cure for the sick, You are the medicine for the one in pain, The distance between us is long, And for you the heart is longing
  • Hadaf Lyrics – Fahad Al Hajjaji, Humood AlKhudher
    Goal.. Goal.. Goal, Do you know what goal means?, It is life that recognizes, In us it finally recognizes, And no window can stop, A heart that was created not to stop, And there is no window around us, no window, no, no, do not be afraid, calm down F.. target.. target, Do you know what the meaning of goal is?, It is life that recognizes, In us it finally recognizes,
  • O Allah Lyrics – Harris J
    When I was young, I was a fool, I was blind didn’t know any better, I was afraid I made too many mistakes, And You’d only look at me as a sinner, No matter how much I would try, All the walls I put up always shattered, Until Your mercy conquered me
  • Salla Alayka Rahman Lyrics – Maher Zain
    Everywhere I hear your name being mentioned, The whole world’s talking ‘bout you, And the thought of being part of your nation, I’m so proud to follow you, Day and night you sacrificed, Led us from darkness to light, And I, Until the end of my time, I will love you
  • Get Up Again Lyrics – Zain Bhikha ft. Khalil Ismail, Alkebulaun
    Getting knocked down by challenges are part of life. But getting up again is a choice! “Get Up Again” was originally launched as part of the “Cotton Candy Sky” album in 2018. Its a song that has deep meaning for me so it was important to represent struggles using real life stories of challenge and triumph, that are featured throughout the video.
  • Pizza In His Pocket Lyrics – Zain Bhikha ft. Naadira Alli, Rashid Bhikha
    Did you ever hear about the boy, Who ate and ate and ate!, He ate early in the morning, And he ate when it was late. But he didn’t thank Allah for all the yummy food he had
  • Jannah Lyrics – Muad ft. Zain Bhikha
    Just to see him standing with the Saaliheen welcoming them, Then he motions to me to come forward and drink from his hands, But i’ll be motionless, just staring at this most beautiful man, Who saved me from hell fire, pleading to Allah, Ya Ummati, So blessed slave, enter Jannah for eternity!
  • Months In Islam Lyrics – Zain Bhikha ft. Rashid Bhikha
    Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Raheem these Are The Months In Islam: Muharram, Safar, Rabi-Ul-Awwal, Rabi-Uth-Thaani these Are The Months In Islam jumadul Ula, Jumadul Ukhrah, Rajab And Shabaan ramadaan, Ramadaan, Ramadaan Then Shawaal dhul Qa’da And Dhul Hijjah these Are The Months In Islam Muharram, Safar, Rabi-Ul-Awwal
  • Mustafa Haq-Numa Lyrics – Muhammad Samie
    Mustafa Haq-Numa Lyrics Mustafa haq-numa sir-e-kaun-o-makan, Rab-e-Alam bhi aashiq tera ho gaya Mustafa haq-numa sir-e- kaun-o-makan Khuli wo zulf to pehli haseen raat hui Khulay wo hont to tafseer-e-kainaat hui Mustafa haq-numa sir-e- kaun-o-makan Khuda jane kahan se jalwa e jana SAWW kahan tak hai Wahin tak
  • Banaam e Aaqa Lyrics – Muhammad Samie
    Rashk-e-firdous hai aastaan Tera, Jurm-e-isiyaan se tarr hai aashiyaan mera, Tujh ko zaiba hai ruff ruff, mein sag-e-badtar, Tu urooj-e-tajalli, naa nishaan mera, Teri janib nazar hai Ya RasoolALLAH (S.A.W.W.)
  • Ya Ramadan Lyrics – Muad & Firas
    Welcome O beloved month, When loved ones gather together, We seek your guidance and your acceptance, Through an increase of remembrance and night prayer, The cresent has come with its light, Bringing glad tidings to all muslims, O Allah allow us to reach Ramadan, A month of grace and forgiveness
  • Number One For Me Lyrics – MiniMuslims
    I was a foolish little child, Crazy things I used to do, And all the pain I put you through, Mama now I’m here for you, For all the times I made you cry, The days I told you lies, Now it’s time for you to rise, For all the things you sacrificed
  • Ramadan Around The World Lyrics – MiniMuslims
    The moon has come, Let’s have some fun, Let’s give from what, we have and love, We’ll celebrate, In our own way, around the globe, We’ll sing and say
  • Welcome O Ramadaan Lyrics – Zain Bhikha
    Welcome o’ Ramadaan, Your are honoured, O’ month of the Quraan, It is Ramadaan, O’ one who sleeps, stand up and declare, The oneness of Allah, the oneness of Allah
  • Mere Aaqa Nabi Hain Lyrics – Muhammad Samie
    Mere Aaqa Nabi hain, Mere Maula Ali hain, Mere Hadi Hussain-o-Hassan hain, Aao Muskurayen, Galiyon koochon mein jaayen, Jahan ko ye batayen, Hain unhi se, Ye mehfil-o-zamane, Mein haq ki sadayen