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Humood AlKhudher, a globally recognized artist, has amassed millions of views on YouTube, dominating charts worldwide. Renowned for his distinctive fusion of Arabic music and international pop with uplifting lyrics, Humood embarked on his musical journey at the age of 10, serving as a backing vocalist and gaining early recognition. His breakthrough came at 13 with the song ‘Ummi Filisteen,’ addressing the Palestinian cause. Signing with Awakening Records in January 2015, he released his debut album, Aseer Ahsan, which topped charts, earned gold certifications, and produced the hit ‘Kun Anta,’ with 193 million views to date. Humood’s popularity extends globally, with performances, ad campaigns, and theme songs for major shows like MBC’s ‘Khawater.’ He has held concerts in over 40 cities, participated in charity tours, and remains a prominent figure in the music scene.