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[English] Be At the Top Lyrics

How come every time I go and I flip on the news channel
I see these images of Muslims having crude manners
Angry men, holding guns and a few camels
Terrorist pumping fists with their rude banners

You get anxiety, from symbols of our piety
Cause they don’t show us Muslims who contribute to society
How come they don’t show us doing positive things
We get abused and harassed so many problems this brings

Did this to black in the 60’s, Japanese in the 40’s
Were the same category how their messing with our stories
Flashing our picture over negative words
People are begging to learn but you just making it worse

But now were gonna watch you, your biases that pop through
And go against your sponsors advertisers if we got to
Wake up, its our right to defend,
gotta fight with the pen if our plights gonna end.

We gonna be at the top, Inshallah
We’re the cream of the crop, Inshallah
We’re gonna rock till we drop, Inshallah
Cause believers never stop, Mashallah

We are the people with the plan, Inshallah
We’re always doing what we can, Inshallah
Putting knowledge in the land, Inshalalh
With the power of the pen, Mashallah

Yes, Yes, Yes Ya’ll. You know it time to listen very close
Because my lyrics are gonna get raw
Cause what you see is what you saw
‘Aint nothing changed but the criminal perception of the law

Like who’s a criminal and whats a crime
I’m trying to define how the television washes your mind
Conspiracies against me and still
The majority of the people still believe whatever they see on TV

How can this be when obviously it’s the media
Feeding lies to the people can’t you see that bro
Uh, you need examples, for instance some cases
You don’t know religion and you don’t know about the races

You look, see black, think that I’m athletic
Then you look and see I’m Muslim and you think anti-Semitic
But check it, watch what they do to your mind kid
Its all connected you better not be blinded


We all know the media aint doing us right
So everyday we write, that’s the way we fight
We all know the media aint doing us right
And if we all unite will make them see the light

It’s known that governments will stereotype
They profile us by day, lock us up in the night
It’s known that governments will stereotype
But we still invite them to the deen that right

They put the word on the street
That Muslims got beef, say we in the middle east
Plotting with the sheikhs
Thinking that they right when we know they not
Say we coming up with the next terrorist plot

And with these petty lies, now we’re not concerned
That’s about the time we bring on that mic burn
And smash it, against all of they tactics
They let us have it, but you know we coming back kid

We got students copin’ deen plus a law degree
To run these snakes straight out judiciaries
Future leaders burning up the quills
Torching all the lies so the people know the real

We aint the type of rhymers to saying bust the steal
We saying stop the lies and show them whats real
We aint the type of rhymers stay shoot to kill
We saying stop the blood, and let the ink spill


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