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[English] Pray Before Lyrics

Cause it can happen to you
You working there hard at your grind
But now it’s about that time
But yo you got deadlines to make
And your boss is
Riding your back so you make them dates
And now you thinking about
Your projects, your deadlines,
The corporate ladder climb,
Tryin’ make your light shine
Your minds in outer space
And far as your salat you wait
Wait, wait
The prayers bout to leave you son
But now your troubles just begun
Before you hit the bar of the space
You hold your chest
Cause now it starts to palpitate
You look to your officemate
Saying this ain’t the only thing
With less time left
Losing your breath
Now your rushing to the stairs
Your tripping and you don’t know where
Before you hit the lobby door,
You hit the lobby floor
Lights out heart stopping ain’t breathing No more
But at my best guess, This akh has been blessed
Cause to his distress Comes an hijabi EMS
With the paddles in the air Vifib type of gear
With her partner standing near, She’s yelling out clear
Brought ‘em back from flat lining
He said the whole scene was like Dhikr bead remindin
He says sister please, We best get a move on For they call the adhan
I gotta pray before I’m prayed on

I got so many excuses that I use when the athans made
I’m telling lies don’t even hesitate
I tell the people I’ve already prayed
I got this thing I gotta do and I’m already late
Don’t lecture me don’t want no fitnah or drama
I just need to get out before they make the iqamaPEACE
I’m cruising down the avenue the boulevard
All of a sudden, Oh my God
No fender bender I was critically injured
In the hospital bed my family thought I was deadMAN
I never though it’d happen to me
But I can tell you I was happy to see
All of my boys coming in the emergency room taking a knee
And every single one was praying for me
Eventually I made it through. Al-hamdu-lilah
I thank Allah. A second chance to make salah

When it comes to not praying the best, we be notorious
Not focused on our Lord most glorious
A reminder to our self is what the story was
Just talking the talk, that really worries us,
We get caught up in this fleeting world like Morpheus
Making money or getting the Bachalorrious
We keep forgetting that prayer, it makes us victorious
both In this world and the next life, He’s rewarding us,
Furious, cause I know I can do better
Recording us, at every show in any weather..
And warning us, when the souls are brought together
The first thing checked are my prayers on the regular
Wake up! never waste this breath
Everybody every soul will get a taste of death
Pray like it’s your last prayer cause that date is set
And that your going straight to heaven, NEVER make that bet


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