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[English] Cloud Of Islam Lyrics

You know, from the start
A message was sent from above
A message so clear and so true
A message so final for you

The time has come
To let the whole world know
This message of peace and love
Came only from Allah above…

Have faith, step onto the cloud of Islam
And you will discover the light of Iman
Proclaim this message entrusted to you
And the cloud of Islam… will carry you

You know, for all Man
messengers were sent to guide
From Adam to Nuh to Musa
Ibrahim, Ismail, Isa
Then came, Muhammad
the last and final messenger
confirming what was said before
perfecting this deen of Allah

I know that it’s not always easy to see
the difference from right and wrong, what would it be
but people this message lies here in our hands
Happiness, peace and the answer for Man

So now, don’t you see
Inviting to Allah should be
every Muslims responsibility
Everybody, you and me


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