Wonderful World Lyrics – Zain Bhikha ft. Dawud Wharnsby

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[English] Wonderful World Lyrics

O what a wonderful world this would be
if we all open our eyes to see
He is all that we need right now
and we can all come together somewhere…somehow

His door is open no matter who you are
just take the first step, you’ll see it’s not so far
Down this road that has all the answers
open your heart to something greater

His holy book speaks pure and true
and always tells us what we must do
His Last Prophet was sent as a guide
an example by which we abide

There is salvation for those who seek
to find the one and only source of peace
An understanding of why we are here
who created us, who we must fear

Such different people from different lands
were all descendants of the first man
We can be one nation facing one God
with no hatred, no envy, no war

Created equal are you and I
which of his favours can we ever deny
We may have everything or nothing at all
but our purpose lies with this call

To worship Him, to praise Him all day
onto the straight path, lets not go astray
He is the greatest and most merciful
and everything acts upon his will

Like every sunrise that brings forth each day
brings new meaning, new hope, a new way
Such is the blessing bestowed upon us
every hardship and heartache will pass

From the mountains to the deep blue sea
everything in perfect harmony
and as the stars fill the evening sky
without us sensing, life is passing by

So if you want a solution, my friend
seize this moment, this day before it ends
turn to Him, don’t you see its so clear
believe in Allah, He’s always near


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