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[English] Drug free ’05 Lyrics

I don’t need to get high, some people do and some people die
The life that I live may not be that long
But while I’m alive I’ll be healthy and strong

I think it’s cruel and inconsiderate
When people huffin’ and they puffin’ on a cigarette
Then blow the smoke in the area that I breathe
Sometimes they blow it in my face when they talk to me
I’m not trying to tell you that you need to quit
But you need to show respect for the one you’re with
And if that’s an individual who doesn’t smoke
You need to put the cigarette out before they choke
You started smoking ’cause you thought that it was cool
Now you addicted and you don’t know what to do
Yeah you addicted to a drug baby that ain’t smart
Because it collapses your veins damages your heart
And your lungs are getting blacker than you’ve ever seem
That’s the effect of tobacco and nicotine
See what I mean


Ain’t no wisdom in that alcohol
They say, “Do you want it?” and I say, “Not at all”
They tell me that I need to take a drink to be cool
I tell ’em, “Man, I’m already cool. What’s up with you?”
Now is you crazy or is it that you didn’t know
That every time you drink the alcohol you loose control
Become abusive to all the people that you love
After your buzz, can’t remember what you thinking of
Oh yeah that drug ruins people and their families
They want it to happen to me but that’s a fantasy
How can this be? I’m feeling pressure from the left and right
I’m watching TV and they tell me to drink Bud Light
Wasn’t subliminal I got the message loud and clear
They want me spending all my money on a can of beer
They must be crazy trying to trick me like some kind of fool
They get me laughing at those frogs and iguanas too
Now is it true that if I drink I’ll be the man?
No, that’s a lie, so me I got a different plan
So understand that my mind sees reality
Like Mortal Combat can you say “Fatality”
Them tactics work on other people they don’t work on me
Being drug free is the way that I want to be
Say it with me


I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t need
To get high, I don’t mess with the weed
And my heart bleeds when I see my people on their knees
Beggin’ like they got an incurable disease
Addictions start with a sip of a drink, one puff of a smoke
So the people need to think
And I do, so do you and your crew
When they push drugs on you what you gonna do? SAY

I don’t need to get high, some people do and some people die
The life that I live may not be that long, but while I ‘m alive I’ll be healthy and strong


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