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[English] For the Prophets Lyrics


Prayers To Allah be on Nabi
The messenger may peace be on thee
And all the prophets sent to mankind
We pray for each and everyone

Before he was born the Pharaoh wanted him dead
Nobody killed him he floated up the river instead
Not a scratch on his body and no blood did he shed
Ended up at the house of the man that wanted his head
They didn’t know, they raised him as a child of their own
He was treated like a king up until he was grown
He protected a slave with one hit to one man with one hand
Killed him by mistake so that’s when he ran
Drawn to a burning bush and spoke with the Greatest
Who told him go right back to Pharaoh and make sure that you say this:
You tell ‘em that you are a Messenger a Prophet of Mine
That I am the Divine and I am sending you with My signs
Pharaoh did decline, he rejected all 9 of the signs
Musa (Moses) said it’s time, his people had to run to the sea
Split it in half with his staff, Pharaoh drowned in the wrath
Musa’s people started worshipping a golden calf
Threw the tablets down because he was mad
It’s sad that his people made him miss the Promised Land
But he’s still one of the 5 greatest Prophets in Islam


From average beginnings
Come above average endings
A simple du’a to have righteous descendants
From a mother, to a daughter who would soon give birth to a son
And right there
Miracle number 1
No father did he have to help conceive his birth
No other child would have this status here
on this planet Earth
And what’s that phrase
From out of the mouths of babes
Schooling cats at a very young age
The sweetest of his breath bring life to birds of clay
Curing the blind so they could see a brighter day
Where Islam reigned supreme and the dunya gave way
Evil will be vanquished if strong the Muslims stay
Amongst his crew he asked the true to proclaim who they are
NAHNU ANSARULLAH (We are the helpers of God)
So Native Deen lets tell the people right now who we are
Healed those with leprosy raised the dead so we could see
No limit to the will of Allah and Allah’s mercy
But the heedless they scammed
Plot and they planned
You may have gotten the body
But you did not get the man
He was raised to Allah to soon return again
Easy comes His mercy to the righteous Mu’min & Mu’minah
So Prophet Isa (Jesus), I hope that they see
Why we sing this for thee


570 was a time like no other
A baby was born to a poor widowed mother
Was raised by his uncle in the sands of Arabia
Known it the town by his upright behavior
Always doing favors for the poor and the neighbors
A true life saver when their problems were major
Khadijah his boss he would soon marry later
Check the love that she gave him and the love that he gave her
At 40 years old, according to the Seerah in a cave called Hira
On a spiritual retreat, he would meet Jibraeel (Gabriel)
Angel Gabriel on the real
Holy Book of the Quran he had come to reveal: “Read in the Name of your Lord Who created”
And thus began a message from Allah dictated
at 622 the Prophet made the Hijrah
Migrated to a place where the people got the picture
He could teach about Allah without his people being beaten
His folks back in Mecca couldn’t stand all the preaching
So they planned an attack, the Muslims fought back
‘cos they ain’t the type of people who sit back and get sacked
But the Prophet wanted peace, they agreed upon a truce
For years there was peace, to teach about the truth
but the Meccans broke the treaty so the Prophet conquered Mecca
The Prophet brought peace, was not even a speck of bloodshed when he came and met his old foes
It’s the mercy and the wisdom that the Prophet always shows
A man of justice, equality and love
On him we pray for peace and the blessings from above.



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