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[English] Paradise Lyrics

Paradise is only for the people who are righteous
So accept Islam you might just get the mercy when you pray to Allah (God)
You know that we want to go to Heaven
When you pray to Allah, When you pray to Allah, When you pray to Allah
Anything you want you gonna have when you think of it
There ‘ain’t nothing you would like you gonna love it when you pray to Allah
You know that we want to go to Heaven
When you pray to Allah, When you pray to Allah, When you pray to Allah

Brothers acting like they’re Rock
Sisters acting like they’re hot
Muslims smoking pot
It happens a lot
And I hope my people stop and think about the clock
It goes tick + tock, life is over then you drop
Six feet deep under the earth waiting for your second birth
Allah will raise you up to see what your life was worth
What did your ears hear, what did your eyes see
What did your mouth say to those in your family
‘Cos children cussing out their dads, moms is getting mad
Parents getting frustrated ‘cos kids are getting bad
They’re physically involved
and some are getting drunk
And others acting like Paradise is not what they want
And the mothers and father crying, “What happened to our baby?
Tried to raise ‘em right and now this child has grown up crazy.”
Maybe it’s because their self esteem is really low
Or maybe it’s because the children didn’t know THAT


Let me speak with my Ikhwan, my brothers in Islam
I said you’re looking like the Rock now what was on my mind
Sport the newest clothing line so the sisters think we’re fine
Imitate JZ, LL Cool J, Eminem and Genuine
But can’t nobody see Islamic identity
‘Cos we dress just like the people on TV
This life of glitter and commotion and amusement ain’t for me
Life after death is the true reality
So brothers where yall at, let’s represent this deen
If you wearing Shukr gear you know exactly what I mean
Tell the club you gotta go, leave them drugs and thugs in jail
Living ghetto fabulous will lead you straight to hell
Time to step up to the plate, it’s never too late
You’re a member of this Ummah so you don’t assimilate
Disseminate this knowledge, go tell it to your bro
‘Cos I’m sure there’s other people in this world who do not know THAT


Sisters don’t you go to sleep, its gonna get deep
You’re the mothers of this Ummah paradise is at your feet
But your phone is going beep from some boy that thinks you’re sweet
But he ‘ain’t the type of guy that you want your parents to meet
You’re dressing to expose like those music videos
It’s so tight, it’d be better if you loosen up your clothes
Be careful with these bros ‘cos Native Deen has seen a lot of sisters having babies with no Nikah (marriage) or walimah
So lower your gaze, fast a couple of days
Ask the scholars how does it feel when you give Allah praise
You think this life is a game but Shaitan is playing us
Go back to MYNA Raps and get Jihad of the Nafs
But you’re wearing your hijab, I know that makes you strong
I know it’s kind of tough when you feel that you don’t belong
Being young it ‘ain’t easy but don’t ever feel alone
We were there, it was rough so we want it to be known THAT



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