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Mum & Dad’ was originally released in 2009 on the album “The Beginning”, and was remastered on the album ’25 Years – The best of Zain Bhikha’ (2019).

[English] Mum And Dad Lyrics

You held my hand to steady me
Till I was ready to make a stand
On my own two feet
While my world was crumbling down
And you tried your best to shelter me
From the coming of the storm
You opened my eyes to see
That all hope was not gone
You held me in your arms
And wiped away my tears
Not even in a million years
Can I ever repay you
For what you’ve done for me
You were there when I felt
That there was no place for me
You were there to show me
How to truly believe
In the miracle of creation
In the good and the bad
Oh how I love you Mum and Dad
You were there to lift me up
When I was far too small
To see a brighter tomorrow
And face it proud and tall
When my head was down, you prayed for me
Said I just need some time
You said to spread my wings and fly
Give the world of what was inside
You taught me to try
To do my best to inspire
People of every kind
That’s a gift from Allāh
That I can never claim as mine
Oh Allāh, bless them
And always keep them safe from harm
Grant them places in Paradise
And Your eternal Salām


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