The Prophets Faithful Friend Lyrics – Zain Bhikha

[English] The Prophets Faithful Friend Lyrics

Playing on the dessert sand,
Two friends forever true,
Little did they know back then,
What their paths were destined to.

Companions spreading the word
To the people who needed to hear,
How readily did he accept,
Muhammad’s message from God

Abu Bakr – As Siddiq,
The prophet’s faithful friend.
Trusted and protected him, His love had no end
Abu Bakr, As-siddiq,
Allah be pleased with him,
Companion in Jannah
Oh blessed by Allah
Abu Bakr – As siddiq
The Prophets faithful friend

Riding on the dessert sand,
Two friends forever true,
And this much did they know right then,
Allah would see them through.

Companions on their way alone,
Seeking refuge in mount thoor,
Their trust only in Allah’s care,
Filled their hearts and souls with noor.

As-Siddiq, best of men,
The Prophet praised you so,
You shared and defended,
You helped the message grow
And unto the very end
The Prophets faithful friend
Alone in the desert sand,
Abu-Bakr stands and cries,
Tears roll onto his hand,
At the Prophets demise

For they had stood before all,
As boys and then as men,
Believers unto one God,
The Prophet and his friend


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