You Are Very Special Lyrics – Zain Bhikha

[English] You Are Very Special Lyrics

I look at you and wonder
You grew up so fast
Shout out to the world like thunder
Make every moment last
Here’s your time to find your place
Stand up proud and embrace
What you have, all you have inside

You are very special
You’re a gift from Allah
You are very special
He knows who you are
And I can promise forever
No matter where you are
You’ll always hold the most special
Special place in my heart

Bright little eyes He gave you
To help you find your way
May Allah grant them wisdom
To see you through each day
Created by His grace
What a beautiful face
And a smile, just like a sunrise

Whatever life will bring you
Whatever you will bear
Just remember your Creator
Allah is always there
And when your worlds crumbling in
Feel the pain rushing in
Remember, remember who you are


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