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[Arabic & English Translation] Jannah Lyrics

ولن ترى عينك في الدنيا مثل سماها
(And your eyes will never see a sky like it)

و تجري من تحتها انهار عدن تراها
(And you will see Rivers of Eden flowing underneath)

و عطرها مسك يريح هواها سلاما
(And its fragrance of musk leaves a trail of peace in the air)

فلن ياتي حلمك قربا بما قد رآها
(And your dreams will not come close to what you will see)

مع الحبيب ان اراه في ابوابها
(And to see the beloved (Muhammad pbuh) waiting at its gates)

وامتي ان اراها في دار السلام
(And to see the Ummah at the house of peace)

فيا اله
(And Oh Allah)

Just to see him standing with the Saaliheen welcoming them
Then he motions to me to come forward and drink from his hands
But i’ll be motionless, just staring at this most beautiful man
Who saved me from hell fire, pleading to Allah, Ya Ummati
So blessed slave, enter Jannah for eternity!

Look what Allahs mercy and blessings have brought
This is what you strived for, what you’ve sent forth

I wanna go
where no eye has never seen
No ear has never heard
No mind cant imagine

No more tests, no more tears, no more trials
Just to hold my mother in my arms
Where I’ll gaze into my children’s eyes
Gardens beneath where my rivers will flow
Where nothing will hurt anymore

Video: Malik MXK/Ay n Aitch Prod
Written by: Muad/Firas Chouchane/Zain Bhikha
Prod by: Magestick Records


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