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[English] Israel vs Palestine Lyrics

I can’t stand you Arabs
You always talking about Palestine
Screaming this land is mine
We’re sick of your lies online
You guys shout to the river to the sea
Does that mean you wanna kill and drown me
Oh wow
You wanna cause holocaust
I see you wanna
Solve the Jew cause
You guys nazi’s
When you see me the Jew you wanna harm me
Even if there was no Israel you would hate me
Your anti semitism will never break me
This our land you’ll never take me
I can’t stand you Arabs

You always talking about that moment that catastrophe
You all left on your own and made up fantasies
You’re all playing the card victim mentality
Man I can’t stand you Arabs

1948 justice prevailed
Then your Arab army tried to derail
But they lost imma spare you the detail
You’re ungrateful
Why you still here if it’s terrible
I tell you why cause we treat you all equal
We bomb Gaza cause Hamas is evil
Am Yisrael chai

Don’t even know where to start
Cause you been chatting a lot
I don’t hate no Jews
I hate mans like you

Of course we gonna say free free Palestine
We wanna live in peace like we did back in time
Then you came with your coloniser frame of mind
Your Zionism only cared about one side
Then took away our country drew own lines
Now your tryna change history with bare lies

How dare you say that nakba was a choice
You killed raped and took our voice
People fled fear
Future unclear
And we’re still sitting here with no answers
I’m just holding on this key from my ancestors
Cause took our land and gave to some actors
From New York Brooklyn that’s a madness
But my grandmas sitting there in sadness
But the fact is
She’s older than Israel
My mums got plates
Older than Israel
My dads passport
Older than Israel
Grandads suit
Older than Israel
The chair I’m in
Older than Israel
This dinar coin
Older than Israel
Free Palestine

Now it’s my turn

No shut your mouth
This ain’t daily wire
No Propaganda here
I’m going uncensored
I don’t need no piers
That cowards scared
He’ll lose his bread
Like all his peers
They spread their fears lies
No sympathy for them innocent tears
History will expose them and you will hear
This genocide will make people covers their ears
But let me calm down
Let me expose more lies so you shut down

You say that we say from the river to sea
What about greater Israel from the Nile to Euphrates
And all your politicians talking about this lately
You’re always talking bout anti semitism
You know that Arabs are semites too
So you been acting the fool

How dare you say we got equal rights
When our steal our house in the night
But then you give it to some settlers
Where did they come from
Nobody knows
Building all these illegal homes
Then heckle us and they curse us
Can’t say nothin back
Cause They’ll arrest us
No passport
No land
No future
No plan
This is Israel
For Palestinians

It’s an apartheid state
And I’m your part time ape
I’mma second class citizen
Where you make criminals innocent
And you make innocents criminals
I guess that’s my fate
You wish that’s the case
But I’ve got my faith
Palestine will be free


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