Farewell to the World Lyrics – Abdul-Malik Ahmad

[English] Farewell to the World Lyrics

One shinning day, was if time froze
Thousands await, as the Prophet rose
Did the mountains tremble, from the weight of these words?
Cause Till now we remember, his farewell to the world.

He said
Oh people, please lend an ear, Cause I
don’t know if I’ll be with you after this year
listen closely to these words I will say
Convey them to those who could be not here today – that’s you and I

As he spoke the people listened in awe
He began by thanking and praising God, then he said
Oh people, the life of each one
Is as sacred as holy as this land in this month

Do not hurt others and no harm comes to you
Cause one day you’ll return to your Lord for what is due
Oh people, be fair and be just
With the property of all those who give you their trust

And leave all users, this money from loans
Never harm people with money, just keep what you own
Cause In things that are major, Satan knows that he fails
But beware of the devil in little details


As for women, they have rights over you
To provide for their needs and let your kindness ensue
They are your partners, so watch what you do
They too should faithful and always be true.

Oh people, worship your Lord
Pray five times a day, and fast Ramadan
And give in charity, what you can afford
And the pilgrimage to mecca, if indeed you can

And of Mankind is from Adam and Eve
None of you are better – except in good deeds
and no others over Arabs, no Arab over others,
No white vs.black – we’re all sisters and brothers


Oh people, one day you’ll will meet your Lord,
So respect each others property, what’s yours is yours
And remember there will be a day you’ll stand with your deeds
So dont stray from the path of God after I leave.

Oh people, no new prophet will come
No new faith will be born, after this one
And I leave you two things, you never will stray
The Holy Quran and the example I laid

Its the Holy Quran and the guidance I gave
So pass these words to those not here today
And may the last one who hear, grasp it better this way
Oh Lord bear witness, I have conveyed!!



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