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Maqām: Bayātī
Commentary: “Ṣalla l-Lāhu ‘alā Ṭāhā” was written by the Sudanese/Egyptian Shaykh Salih al-Ja’fari (d. 1979) who taught and lived at the famous al-Azhar University in Cairo and was also the Imam of the al-Azhar mosque. He was a Sufi shaykh in the lineage of Ahmad ibn Idris of Fez (d. 1837) and a prolific author of works on the Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic law and Sufism. He also wrote a celebrated collection of poetry, from which this song is taken. The end section incorporates the blessed names of the Prophet (pbuh) taken from the Diwan of the famous Moroccan Sufi saint Imam Mohammed Al-Jazuli’s (d. 1465), Dala’il al-Khayrat.

*The Sidra is a reference to the “Lote tree of the furthest boundary” (sidrat al-muntahā) mentioned in the Qur’an (53:14) and described by the Prophet on his night journey to heaven (mi’rāj). The sidra marks the outer boundaries that separate the created world (‘ālam al-khalq) from the spiritual world of the divine command (‘ālam al-amr).
**This section is an original composition with words provided by Mohammed Ali El Oumari and Abdel Ilah Ikhal. The inspiration behind the melody comes from an old Kurdish folk song heard by Sami Yusuf when he was a child.

Words by Shaykh Salih al-Ja’fari
Music: Traditional Islamic (unknown provenance)
Performed and arranged by Sami Yusuf

[Arabic/English Translation] Taha Lyrics

Ṣalla l-Lāhu ‘alā Ṭāhā
Khayri l-khalqi wa-’aḥlāhā
God’s blessings be upon Taha,
Best of creation and the sweetest

Khayru l-khalqi huwa l-hādī
Nūru l-kawni bihi bādī
Best of [God’s] creation, he’s the guide
The light of existence shines through him

‘Amma n-nāsa bi-’irshādi
’Azka l-khalqi wa-’arḍāhā
He encompassed all mankind with his guidance
Purest of creation and the most pleasing

Nūru l-Lāhi l-mutaqaddim
Qabla l-khalqi l-muta‘allim
The first light of God
He was taught before all other creation

Badru n-nūri l-mutalaththim
Hādi l-khalqi li-Mawlāhā
The veiled light of the full moon
Guiding creation to its Lord

Ba‘da s-sidrati qad sārā
Wa-ra’a l-ḥaqqa wa-’anwārah
Beyond the Sidra* he walked
And saw The Truth and His Lights

Waqafa r-ruḥu wa-ma sārā
Idhhab waḥdaka yā Ṭāhā
The Spirit (Jibra’il) stopped and did not continue
[saying] go on alone Taha

Irża l-Lāha bi-l-ālāf
‘an ’ahli l-bayti l-’ashrāf
May God be pleased with his intimates
from his noble family

Wa-l-’aṣhābi ’ūli-l-’insāf
Nālu l-khulda wa-suknāhā
And his companions, the people of justice
Who gained eternity and its dwelling

Malīḥun lawnuhū**
Kahīlun ṭarfuhū
Jamīlun na‘tuhū
Ṣalla l-Lāhu ‘alā Ṭāhā
Of fine complexion
His eyes, dark and wide
Of beautiful face
The guide, with whom God is satisfied

Qamarīyun wajhuhū
Bahīyun shakluhū
‘Aẓīmun khuluquhū
Ṣalla l-Lāhu ‘alā Ṭāhā
His face is like the moon
His form is resplendent
His character is mighty
Taha, the chosen one

Rahīmun qalbuhū
Ṣadūqun wa‘duhū
‘Amīmun jūduhū
Māḥin muntaqā
His heart is kind,
His promises are kept
His generosity is vast
The effacer (of sins), the chosen one

Ṣalātu Rabbī
Ma‘a s-salāmi
‘Alā Muhammad
Zaynu l-’asāmī
The blessings of my Lord
And His peace
Upon Muhammad
The most beautiful of names


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