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Raag: Kafi
Commentary: This song, written in honor of the great Indian saint and founder of the Chishti order, Mu‘in ad-Din Chishti (d. 1236), was composed by the Sabri brothers from a compilation of poems and melodies of the Chishti order. The music and lyrics have been modified in this rendition: the words are sung entirely in Arabic about the love for the blessed Prophet (pbuh), his household and companions.

Words by Dr. Imed Nsiri
Music: Traditional Islamic (Indian Subcontinent)

[Roman Arabic with English Translation] Ya Nabi Lyrics

Wa ṣalli ‘ala l-Hādī, ḥabībī jaddi l-Hasanayn
Salutations upon our Guide, the beloved, the grandfather of Hasan and Hussein

Rasūlī ma’danu l-jūdi, Imāmu l-Ḥaramayn
My prophet, the quintessence of generosity,
the Imam (leader) of the Two Holy Mosques

Nabīyinā khayru man yamshī ‘ala l-qadamayn
Our prophet is the best of those who walk on two legs

Yā ‘āshiqīn ṣallū ‘ala sayyidi l-kawnayn
O You who love him, send salutations upon the master of the two worlds

Ṣalla l-Lāhu ‘alayhi wa-ālihī, wa aṣḥābihi l-mayāmīn
Salutations of God upon him, his family, and his blessed companions

Yā Nabī
O Prophet

Ṣalla l-Lāhu ‘alayhi wa-ālihī wa-‘ala aṣḥābihi
Salutations of God be upon him, his family and auspicious companions

Lā mithluhū ’aḥadun, lā mathīla lak
You have no match, no one can compare

Yā Rasūlī, yā Habībī, yā Malādhī, yā Bashīrī
O my prophet, O my beloved, O sanctuary, O bearer of good tidings

’Anir ṭarīqī bi-jāhi Ṭāhā
Enlighten my path O God, for the sake of Taha

’Ataytu ḥimak ’arjū riḍāk
I came to Your sanctuary, hoping for Your approval

Ṣalli ‘ala l-’Amīn
Salutations upon The Trustworthy

Sayyidī, Sayyidu l-’awwalīn wa-l-ākhirīn
My master and the master of the first and the last

Yā Nabī
O Prophet

Ṣalawātu l-Lāh
Blessings of God

Wa Salāmu l-Lāh
And His Peace

Ṣalla l-Lāhu ‘alayhi
Be upon him


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