Build the World Together Lyrics – Abdul-Malik Ahmad

[English] Build the World Together Lyrics

We got one mother and father
And one God up above us
Why we hating on each other?
Let’s build the world together
Build the world together

I remember I was young, this dude drives up
with his hand, forms a gun, and pretend shoots us
and kids in the neighborhood threw eggs at our home, I was
Bleeding with a black eye once they pelt me stones

It’s because we were different, we were muslim and black
Fast forward several decades and now where are we at?
We got Ferguson, Charleston – Chapel Hill, Houston
Not easy being a Afro-American or Muslim

Hands up don’t shoot – black men don’t group us
All in your mind what a few thugs do
And when a muslim a violent, then they label him a terrorist
But anyone else, oh he just needed a therapist

Stuff the news, is far from views
of billions of Muslims so don’t be confused, Cause that
Only brings hate and the scariest fights!
We need this area wiped, of these stereotypes


Black people are lazy-they bring robberies and car chases
Muslims are just violent, they kill people and a bomb places
Dude check your history – when Europe had the dark ages
Africans and Muslims were scientists and star gazers

Read about the African scholars of Timbuktu, There was
Knowledge and prosperity where Africans ruled
Algebra and Algorithms, that we still use, Were of the
many things discovered by Muslims- to name a few

In Africa, Christians and Muslims were happy neighbors, With the
Muslims in Spain, is when the Jewish golden age was
Read about Najashi, the African Negus
Cause enlightened were the African and Muslim nations, More..

We learn about each other, more we use respect
and wont be swayed by the biases the news projects
Cause Islam Christianity and Jews connect,
And every race, all of humanity – lets move ahead!


Don’t be a part of their game,
Of dishonor and shame,
Cause love is stronger than pain
Lets push on for the change.


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