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[English] I Don’t Drink Lyrics

17 you’re a freshman, your roommate asks you a question
You wanna go get some alcohol, I know a place where we get some,
He knows you know it’s illegal, but that pressure changes some people
And the media tells you that alcohol must not be something that evil

Maybe them but that’s not you, be a slave you don’t got to
And the prison of the mind is worse than any penitentiary that they caught you
Glad you made your own mind up, cops won’t have you lined up
For the future bro, let everybody know, I’mma say it now to remind them…


I don’t drink!
Tell them I don’t drink!
Just say I don’t drink!
Tell them I don’t – I don’t drink!
Tell them I don’t drink,
I gotta drive to succeed
I need my mind the think.

When you’re drunk you’re a punk, your breath stunk like a skunk
See how low that you sunk, you don’t even know what you want
Like a zombie you’re wobbling you’re mumbling you’re stupid
You’re vomiting, no comedy, you’re probably lost and clueless

Look at these jokers, drinking that bogus
living atrocious, losing they focus
they are killing their liver with inner cirrhosis
hitting their women and getting divorces

Live in the real, not in a fiction
caught up in jail, or fighting addiction
leaving a trail of pain and affliction,
I’m saying it clear, better be listening!


Liquor store on the corner, keeping us in a coma
You gotta go buy our alcohol cause you can’t have fun being sober
But the companies never reveal, all of the millions that have been killed
all of the violence that it instills, and its super addictive appeal,

Why atrophy my faculties, that baffles me I got to be
Sober everyday, I’m living happily no apathy.
You can have a blast with me, and drunk you you do not have to be
You heard it, I done said it, all my people repeat after me.


Friday night and Saturday,
You’re stuck in a bar, right around the way
It’s norm in our society, but it brings depression, anxiety
Its there addiction begins, cause they think that it’s just innocent
but it’s like a demonic possession that’s why they calling it “spirits” and “jinn”

They say it’s fine but they really don’t know
They wanna get high but they really go low,
Loosing they minds they be loco so
When they ask you to try – let them know…



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