When Times Are Rough Lyrics – Abdul-Malik Ahmad

[English] When Times Are Rough Lyrics

Young soul leaving home all alone
Set a sail on this trip called life
All alone with you new found freedom
No folks saying wrong or right

Now your chilling with your new found crew
You gotta swag like them young bucks do
You stop praying and wanna cut loose
And forgetting everything your faith taught you

So now everything cool smooth sailing
Suddenly things start failing
Your crew jumps ship and your friends start bailing
Alone in the dark, and now your begging

Oh lord I need you now
Oh lord please help me out


I don’t want to be the one who only prays when times are rough
Crying begging Lord please console me and let me feel Your love.
If I really truly loved Him purely I’d glorify Him much
I’d follow everything He told me – be sure to stay in touch.

Our lord is full of mercy, so the storm He clears away
On course eventually, but the spirit wears away

Everything is once again the same
Not time to reflect on why you’re here
He ask too much, too much you claim
It’s your life and now you wish to steer

Suddenly now the trip’s cut short
And your short little voyage is soon to end
So lost, you try to call your lord,
Hoping now He gonna be your friend

Saying oh Lord, forgive me my sins
Oh Lord, please let me in!


Our Lord doesn’t need our prayers,
We need Him
We know that He always hears
But we just don’t think

It’s to our own detriment, that we stay out of touch
But he is so beneficent, keeps trying to wake us up.
Cause faith is a miracle, when it there full time
Imma pray on the regular, through rain or shine


24434 people praying it
Work, school, when i play, no delaying it
Cut through the stress of the day like a bayonet
Doctors, therapists, everybody’s saying it

Stress, anxiety making people overdose
Taking all these remedies just to end up comatose
Prayer is the therapy that no one knows
If you do it right its like you’re chilling in the Poconos

Yeah I be feeling stress-free,
I’m calling on my lord I’m praying he will bless me
Classroom, office don’t matter where the place be
Keep in touch in good times, he’s there when it crazy.

Yeah, be blessed when I don’t stop
Meditate and supplicate and calling on the Most High
I call the line anytime cause He’s close by
Its peace of mind yeah its worth it bro, just go try.



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