Speak Good or Keep Silent Lyrics – Abdul-Malik Ahmad

[English] Speak Good or Keep Silent Lyrics

Yeah, I was chilling with my old crew
Couple guys came to down, hang out like we used to
We started talking about some brothers that we all knew
What they all doing now, stuff they be up to

So they asked me about a brother that I knew, I said
let me not start, cause the brother’s got issues
I should have stopped there and tried changed the subject
But their eyes lit up like they hadn’t had enough yet.

I started talking about brother, how he’s this and that
Lex Luther mind-set, gossip like kryptonite
Its a drug and people love to inhale
But this kinda intel, will only put you in hell.

Why’d I have to say that, gotta find a way that my words need to stay back.
I know that was not right, should of had a stop-light, didn’t need to backbite
Speak good or keep silent – That’s what the Prophets said
Speak good or keep silent – That’s what the Prophets said

Now I only spoke the truth, at least what I knew of it.
I tried to be fair not to paint him a Hooligan.
But like that game “telephone”, truth is never left alone,
we relish in embellishing everything that we pass along.

They passed it on – facebook, twitter…
Misuse of these makes devil’s playbook bigger…
Cause I found out later I had the wrong info
Was stuff that I didn’t know, it wasn’t that simple…

But now its too-late, my words spreading like cancer
Destroyed the brother’s honor, cause I tried to be gangsta
Imagine on Qiyyama, the brother says – thanks bro…
For giving me your good deeds, and now I’m left blank…oh


Many take it lightly, I’m very concerned though,
Angels they be writing, inside of they journal
Forgiveness I do plead, then fix with it good deeds
And quickly before I end up inside an inferno

Speak good or keep silent
My hands maybe calm but my tongue was straight violent.
Now I try imagine my brother like he was right there
So if I say anything bout him he would not care

He would just smile, knowing well that I held back
You could never tell that, we got issues to nail out
keep it anonymous, unless its an necessity,
But be careful though, cause thats how the devil he gets the best of me.



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