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[English] Toxic Lyrics

I walk into the store, going to get food the family, but
So much is unhealthy, it really overwhelms me!
Im quick to reach and grab the stuff they pack on the shelf
And when I flip and read the back, the stuff’s attacking my health

With sweeteners and sugar, high-fructose corn syrup
Chemicals that I’m concerned of, yo I’m about to throw-up!
It makes me sick what these execs. try to sell us
It might kills us, but they never gonna tell us,

But every year more and more are get diseases
People get obese and increases diabetes
The poor suffer more, cause this the food is cheapest
With additives in everything meat-subs from pizzas

Check the pills that we bought when we got sick
See the deals that they got for the profit
I get chills from thought how they got rich
We gotta stop this! Yeah we gotta stop this!


Oh yeah they process and then they box it,
And sell it to us knowing that its toxic,
Knowing that its Toxic, Toxic
Knowing that its Toxic, Toxic

Oh yeah they process and then they box it,
And we purchasing it knowing that its toxic,
Knowing that its Toxic, Toxic
Knowing that its Toxic, Toxic

We buy meat, but don’t get peek how they treat them
The trash that they feed them, the shacks that they keep them
Infection is frequent with no place to free run
Inject them with antibiotics when disease comes

Pumping hormones so they animals produce more
Spray em, so they lasting longer in food store
They are making mucho dinero, no excuse for
Poisoning our people, why we taking this abuse for?

The FDA makes it hard to respect them
Approving chemicals but do they really check them?
Millions get sick every year from infections
We got the next-gen, in the wrong direction

Girls in elementary, enter into puberty
Growing rate of allergies, now affecting you and me,
You know that I’d be glad to be, that fighter with strategy
So vocal now I gotta be, because you are all my family


When we push them, what’s their answer, these are only rumors, what?
Have you heard of cancer, millions getting tumors
But we cant just blame the man cause, when we are the consumers
And money’s in our hands and to use it now behooves us

Nice, I see these stores they selling more stuff organic
But prices seem to soar which makes a poor person panic
If the choice is paying more I’m pretty sure they’ll won’t add it
Then diseases rises easy in the Blacks and Hispanics

We need to do this, like they did to big tobacco
If the studies are conclusive, put a warning on packs so
Any one that views it right away they will in fact know
Like sugar is abusive makes the whole body wacko!

Many time you and I are the culprit
Let’s preach upon the pulpit, right inside our own crib
Cause now we see obesity arise in three year old kids,
So I’ll unleash the beast in me so everybody knows this!


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