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[English] To Heaven Lyrics

See living in this age
One has many temptations
No matter the age, hon, big or small

Were swimming upstream
We dodging much sin
But there’s always something
That makes us fall

But your my little girl
And there is nothing in the world that
would make me happier
If God loves you more

Cause heaven is forever
Where everything is pleasure
And I pray were all together.
Let’s make it there for sure

Lets just try to get to Heaven
Where there’s joy that never will end
We get whatever we imagine
I just want you there in Heaven, I want you there in Heaven

Cause living in this age
One has the innovations
To do so many great things every day

Apps you can download
Some of them will now show
Where to give some charity
Remind you to pray

Cause there will be a day
Where we’ll look at our scale
Instantly we’ll know
If we passed or failed

So if you do a bad deed,
Ask Him for mercy
Then flip it with a good deed
wipe it away


Dream anything and you got it,
Lamborghini Bugatti
yeah, tell me what you imagine
How bout riding a dragon,

I’m thinking I want like a Jurassic park
And a bat mobile- be like Tony Stark
I’ll fly your home like Superman, But I can..
kick like Bruce Lee ‘n Jackie chan,

Whats your plan, to be made in heaven
Cause a righteous youth is a shaded 7
Read the hadith (Traditions) – it is there sahih (authentic)
Live righteously – we’ll will stay forever.. Good

Deeds we got verses sins we brought, will…
decide for eternity the spot that we got
Don’t stop Salat (prayer), and do Sadaqah (Charity) and
Do the best we can, before He stops the clock


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