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[English] One Creator Lyrics

There is no doubt in mind, mind that He’s there…
Know for certain my Lord up above He’s aware….
The night may be long, so sure the sun will appear
My heart’s is calm with the faith that I know that he hears

All praise to the One Creator, to our Lord Most High (4x)

There is no doubt in mind, mind that He’s near…
I know for certain my Lord up above that he cares….
The signs of his glory and power I see everywhere
No doubt with His mercy, I will never despair


Bro, look around you, there is nothing that astounds you?
Just use the brain that He gave that you’re bound to
Realize how wildly impossible the chances
Just ask any scientist, how complex your mind is

You can have doubts on what is and what isn’t true
But think beyond the physical, to a world spiritual,
You cant know God just by graduating physics school
Gotta use the mind, but the heart is where He visits you

Where is He then why is He trying to hide from us?
Humble yourself dude, search like Columbus
We hardly even see all the galaxy’s among us.
He is greater than the whole universe, He’s tremendous


You asking now, let me see a miracle
Something like what happened in the days of the biblical
Part the red sea God – once so its clear its You
We all will believe with some evidence empirical

Past are the days of Moses and Yusuf,
If He gives us a brain He expects us to use it,
Would science develop if miracles were numerous
We’d all just be waiting on God to produce it

Wait, check the miracle of life
The miracle of sound, the miracle of sight
Ask any mom, about the miracle of love,
We see more miracles now than there ever was!


What about disasters, those innocent children?
If God wasn’t distant. He sure would protect them,
Death ain’t the end though, just the beginning
They’re up in heaven, its a test for the living

Were living in a matrix, the real deal is heaven
We see three dimensions, but not the other seven
Y’all are cashing out now, for no reason
When science has proven there is more to believe in

Our grave’s a cocoon, right now were a caterpillar
Thinking that we rule, forgetting that we gotta a better
life coming soon, a butterfly on the other side
living right, praising God, then we live forever


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